Wellpoint systems IGE

PPHU Klaudia is manufacturer of reliable and easy-use aluminium wellpoint systems. [more]

Dewatering pumps

We offer dewatering and wastewater pumps for many applications.
We are official distributor of Geco Power, Global Pump, Flygt(Xylem) BWV , Victor Pumps and other brands

Snow making machines

We are manufacturing snow making machines especially for Middle-Europe climate conditions.  [more]

Pump rental services

We are providing pump rental services. Our fleet consists of wellpoint, dewatering and sewage bypass pumps with capacities up to 1350m3/h.  [more]
Pump rental services

Reel sprinkling machines
Irrigation systems

We offer our irrigation systems.  [more]
For distributors

Become distributor!

We are looking for distributors of our elastic wellpoints and wellpoint systems for dewatering.

It is always possibility to develop special kind of adapters for mounting our wellpoint in different pipe systems like PERROT, HUDIG, BAUER, ITALIAN and other types.

if you would like to become our distributor/agent, feel free to contact us

flexible wellpoint system with adapter KLAUDIA

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